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Allen Toussaint @ the Village Vanguard and Sorin’s movie

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Image155Saw the late set of Allen Toussaint’s The Bright Mississippi band at the  Village Vanguard on Tuesday. I really liked Christian Scott’s sound and and dynamics + some nice burning lines :D, but actually I wasn’t so much into the whole thing this time – maybe I’m not American enough? It was good though, heard Marc Ribot for the first time, I will definitely check him out in the future. The arrangements were really nice, I liked the sound of trumpet and clarinet blending together. I could imagine myself chilling out on a hot Southern afternoon just having the blues 🙂 at that concert. The way Allen Toussaint sang the last couple of tunes (some lyrics were by Paul Simon) would definitely sell records in America, I can imagine.

Image153Then I saw a movie by Sorin called “The Window” at the Film Forum at West Village. It was thought-provoking especially because the whole theme was kind of a mix of things that don’t go together – an old guy, sick in bed in an empty yellow room with sun shining outside the window with a view over blooming fields, an old bottle of champagne that has been waiting for years to be finally opened when the world-famous pianist son would at last come to visit his father, and a piano tuner downstairs tuning the piano for hours and hours, casually making a move on the maids and housekeepers while working on the piano. I think life is often a mix of things that don’t really go together, that may be really funny sometimes, in that movie the inappropriateness turned out as poetry. I didn’t really like the movie as much as it sounds now, but it was quite inspiring still.

Image143Then I also checked out the famous Jazz Record Store on 26th St and 8th Av – in an apartment building with no big signs to catch the eye from the outside –  you just have to know where you’re heading. I didn’t really have time to see the selection that they have there, I guess one could spend days checking out the stuff.

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  1. yer toussaint comments made no sense to me. american? what song did you think was paul simon’s? the set were identical each night… there was a steve goodman song. it was the live performance of the year as far as I’m concerned. thanks


    December 20, 2009 at 10:50 pm

    • Well, for me it definitely wasn’t the best live performance of the year. it was just good. I guess it depends on the taste, u know. Some lyrics really were by Paul Simon, Toussaint said so 😀 And by not being American enough I mean that I might be missing a certain background to appreciate Toussaint the way Americans do.


      December 21, 2009 at 2:55 pm

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