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Mark Guiliana's Thing @ Rose part II

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Mark Guiliana's Thing @ Rose

Mark Guiliana's Thing @ Rose

Went to hear Mark Guiliana’s Thing at Rose again (with all new music)  – I’m pretty sure it had to be the hippest concert in the city last night :D. This time it was all about experimenting and jamming – with guests such as David Binney joining in. First set was Mark Guiliana with Mark Kelley on bass (is it really the same guy as Meshell Ndegeocello’s band member? wow!) and Mike Severson on guitar, on a loud psychedelic trip. Mike Severson has the real jimi-hendrixy kind of guitar player’s attitude – lots of loud bending and overdrive, making a good use of rock riffs and blues cliches but complimenting it tastefully with some outside playing at times. And Mark Kelley is a great partner for Mark Guiliana – so inventive, original and – GROOVING 😀 bass player.  For the second set Nir Felder and Dave Binney joined – some top class jazz playing complimenting the picture.

Written by Ines

June 4, 2009 at 3:29 pm

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