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David Byrne @ Prospect Park and Jim Black @ the Stone

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Music in Prospect Park

Music in Prospect Park

Went to the free David Byrne concert @ Prospect Park, Brooklyn yesterday – as did so many other people. David Byrne seems to be really popular here, such crowds showed up. He is a New York hero, as I’ve understood, from Talking Heads times already.  Thanks to a good music-loving friend I even had a good seat for the concert. But once again, guess I’m not American enough  – couldn’t share the passion for the whole thing. It was nice to see a concert at Prospect Park though. A (new) friend of mine living in the neighborhood told me that these concerts used to be really small community events with some great rare music to be heard and that a stage this big was something he’d never seen there before. Park Slope is getting popular.


the Stone

Second part of the plan for the evening was to go to the Stone – a club in the East Village with John Zorn as its artistic director – it’s a venue for great experimental music. I’ve been wanting to go for weeks now, but this time Jim Black being in the band actually got me there. The club itself is quite invisible from the street – you could actually miss the place if you didn’t know where you’re going. No big signs. As Jazz Gallery, it doesn’t have a bar – just music. This time it was a 4-piece-band with two saxes, double bass and Jim Black on the drums. I think some of the music was a little bit too loose – it’s a bad thing when there is a lot of outside playing and a lot of notes anyway. It makes it hard to really go into the music.

After that it was to a dive bar (Joe’s Bar in the East Village) with couple of friends. So what exactly is a dive bar – their definition was speakeasy’s without the charm. I actually saw a cockroach there. That was pretty scary. Shouldn’t put my glasses on next time. Otherwise the place was great for just talking, really quiet for a bar. And maybe drinking if that happens to  be a serious business sometimes.

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June 9, 2009 at 12:26 pm