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Bill McHenry Quintet @ the Village Vanguard

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Last night I heard Bill McHenry Quintet at the Village Vanguard. It featured Duane Eubanks on trumpet, Andrew D’Angelo on alto, Ben Street on double bass and Paul Motian on drums, playing mostly Bill McHenry’s original compositions, which were all very much about exploring. Amazing rhythm section: Ben Street and Paul Motian – always interactive in the music, playful and swinging. My first time ever to hear Paul Motian live. He is certainly in a class of his own, has a kind of broad sound, I figured. Later on I discovered he doesn’t like to take pictures with fans. Funny, it was my first time ever to ask someone – and got turned down immediately. Will probably never ask again… Yeah… I’ve always thought taking pictures with famous musicians is kind of stupid anyway 🙂

NY Subway is full of music

NY Subway is full of music (and rats)

My favorite part of the concert were the deep and poetic minimalist moments in one or two of the compositions, with three voices (tenor, alto, trumpet) moving round each other with great taste and style. Otherwise the concert was mostly quite a lot of fun, exploring,  outside playing and crazy moments  (with the alto player Andrew D’Angelo definitely being the really passionate one in the band) – having no harmony instrument around certainly gives a lot of space for going somewhere.  Ben Street was great, my first time to hear him live – amazing bass player.

Later on, on the way home,  I was walking down the street and heard music coming from… inside the street. Someone was playing “My Favorite Things” down there (in the subway).

Written by Ines

June 11, 2009 at 11:48 am