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A free Ben Monder trio concert and Miles Okazaki @ Jazz Gallery

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Ben Monder trio

Ben Monder trio

Heard a free set of Ben Monder trio as part of Jazz Underground Series at The Neighborhood Church Of Greenwich Village (Bleecker St). I liked the bass player a lot Gary Wang. He has a very beautiful way of building solos as if he was telling a story – really enjoyable to listen. And who wouldn’t like Ben Monder?
I left it just to go to hear the critically praised album release concert of Miles Okazaki – who had people like Dan Weiss, David Binney and Miguel Zenon playing in the band. But really, this was the first concert in NY that I didn’t even like for the most part. Individually the players were really good, but I just didn’t get what the whole picture was about. Lots of stuff fell into the same frequencies and got so piled up that there was hardly any space in the music. It was interesting to hear Dan Weiss play the drums, but even that didn’t save the whole thing for me.  It feels weird not to agree with what all the critics have been saying. Or I just don’t know my modern jazz enough, which really might be the case, but if that was it, then I don’t really even want to. Maybe it was one of those groundbreaking works of art that old-fashioned people just don’t know how to appreciate.

Well yeah, next time I will just stick to the free Ben Monder concert, when I find one… 😀

Written by Ines

June 13, 2009 at 1:09 pm