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Sunday @ Solo Kitchen Bar: Douglas Bradford Group and Ben Monder Trio

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Douglas Bradford Group

Douglas Bradford Group

Went to Solo Kitchen Bar again (Flatbush, Brooklyn, Cortelyou Rd stop from the Q-train) they have great free shows on Sundays. This time I checked out the first one (starting 6:30) as well, because a friend was playing – and it was a great band, really – Douglas Bradford Group featuring John Beaty on alto, Greg Chudzik on bass, Nick Anderson on drums, Douglas Bradford on guitar and  compositions. I really enjoyed it! But seriously, why is the only audience in all these concerts other musicians??? Quoting a guy called Alabaster here: The only good thing about the times we’re living in is dentistry.

Ben Monder Trio @ Solo Kitchen Bar

Ben Monder Trio @ Solo Kitchen Bar

But actually a lot more people showed up for Ben Monder trio concert later on (Ben Street was on bass, Mark Ferber on drums)  finally the place was quite packed, with no free seats. It was a great concert with a really appreciative audience (musicians again?). They played some standards such as What’s New, I’ll Remember April, original compositions and Hey Jude, the Beatles song. Didn’t hear everything because I actually went out to smoke something in between. Some of the things the drummer did made it feel like surf jazz at times – great tripping music :D.

Written by Ines

June 22, 2009 at 10:52 am

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