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Charles Lloyd featuring Jason Moran, Reuben Rogers and Eric Harland @ the Highline Ballroom

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Charles Lloyed @ Highline Ballroom

Charles Lloyd @ the Highline Ballroom

I was really curious about hearing Charles Lloyd again – my first time was in Estonia a couple of years ago during Jazzkaar festival – it was the same band there only with Geri Allen on piano instead of Jason Moran – Eric Harland on drums, Reuben Rogers on bass. I remember it as one of the best concerts I’d ever heard, really profound. This time it was mostly free and rubato, especially the first part of the concert. They played Bloodcount, the Billy Strayhorn tune, originals, finally even playing a really funky R’nB’ish tune. Lot of times it reminded me of Coltrane’s Ballads album. Sounded so organic, full of sound colors and nuance. Charles Lloyd has such a delicate and profound tone.

Eric Harland

Eric Harland

And Eric Harland is just in a class of his own, he sounds like a force of nature, so natural, dynamic, effortless. I got the image of rainfall in my head a lot, listening to him play.
In Estonia they played in a church,  as different a place as it gets from the Highline Ballroom, which seems to be so much about business – an outrageously expensive place to hear music, in my opinion. $35 music cover for one set, $10 food and drink minimum. Was happy to be joining a party of friends there :D.

Written by Ines

July 4, 2009 at 8:10 pm

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