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Tim Hagans Quintet featuring John Abercrombie, Marc Copland, Drew Gress and Billy Hart @ Birdland

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Tim Hagans Quintet @ Birdland

Tim Hagans Quintet @ Birdland

I almost thought I was going to miss hearing Tim Hagans (trumpet), John Abercrombie (guitar), Drew Gress (bass), Marc Copland (piano), Billy Hart (drums) @ Birdland, because of the cover charges. But by a strange coincidence somebody actually invited me – and there I was, premium seated eating steamed popcorn shrimp (really delicious) and drinking bottles of chardonnay. The concert really was as unmissable as the lineup was promising it to be. That was a great example of a good jazz group – everybody being so different, free to be the unique individual that they are and in the same time still be perfectly together. The only other occasion this might also happen, to such great exent, is in a family, I guess. John Abercrombie’s guitar sound is just incredible, something magical about it. One of my favorite moments was when Tim Hagans and John Abercrombie played duo, as an intro to one of the songs  – that was almost just as beautiful as Freddie Hubbard and George Benson on Here’s That Rainy Day (on the album Straight Life).  They played some originals, might have been Marc Copland’s songs and they did a really beautiful version of You Don’t Know What Love Is. Some  killin’ drum solos by Billy Hart. I really enjoyed the concert! If you have money, Birdland is a great place to spend it.

Written by Ines

July 12, 2009 at 8:18 pm

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