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Mark Guiliana’s Thing @ Rose (pt IV)

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Mark Guiliana's Thing @ Rose

Mark Guiliana's Thing @ Rose

I missed hearing Mark Guiliana – he has been out of town for a while, touring in Europe. But there it was again, his Thing @ Rose. Mark Guiliana is  really so much more than a drummer, he is one of the most fascinating jazz musicians on the planet I would say :D. This time he had Jason Fratticelli on double bass and Mike Severson on guitar. It was great to discover Jason Fratticelli – amazing genius riffs and groove power, really great straightforward time and tone. I hope I’ll get to hear him play with Mark Guiliana some more, it seemed to be a great match. But interestingly, maybe I’m totally wrong about this, but I felt the music got a lot more obscure when the keyboard player joined in for a while. But yeah, it must be the greatest challenge to keep up with such perfect musicianship, for that’s what the case was there.
Well, it was 4th time hearing Mark Guiliana’s Thing, I’m totally a fan of the project – live improvised experimental music as good as it gets. With the right band, it can be life-changing.

Written by Ines

July 16, 2009 at 11:25 am

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