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Brad Shepik trio @ Rose Live Music, Williamsburg

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Brad Shepik trio @ Rose

Brad Shepik trio @ Rose

Once again, great live music @ Rose, this time as part of the Sunday Brooklyn Experiments series – Brad Shepik’s Flat World trio with Chris Speed on tenor sax and Mark Guiliana on drums. I totally spaced out, really beautiful tripping music, took me far away (no wonder one of his albums is called Places you go). Or maybe was rather bringing into the moment. I really like Brad Shepik’s tunes and ideas and the effects he uses and he has really great sound. It’s funny, after hearing the trio a couple of times (first with Bill McHenry on tenor and then with Adam Niewood)  the compositions sound like old hits already :D. Chris Speed played really interestingly. I don’t know why, but at first I had the suspicion that he had been drinking or something. Which would have been probable anyway because they started an hour later than expected, so what better to do with an hour at a bar. Anyway this bass-less guitar trio is one of my favorites here, definitely.

Written by Ines

July 20, 2009 at 1:48 pm

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