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HEERNT @ Rose Live Music

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HEERNT @ Rose Live Music

HEERNT @ Rose Live Music

HEERNT – Jason Rigby – saxophone, synthesizer, Neal Persiani – electric bass, Mark Guiliana – drums –  @ Rose – first gig together since January 5th 2008 🙂 They played compositions from the album Locked In a Basement,  and some newer stuff like Mark’s New Jersey Ballad. I’m beginning to know those tunes pretty well now 😀 Can’t imagine it would ever get boring though – and there’s something about Mark Guiliana that is so captivating that no matter how great players he has in the band, I always end up listening to his drumming. It feels like a whole new world of time, so alive with gravity and grace.

Written by Ines

August 7, 2009 at 12:03 am