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Avishai Cohen with Nasheet Waits and Jason Lindner @ Rose Live Music

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Avishai Cohen with Jason Lindner and Nasheet Waits @ Rose

Avishai Cohen with Jason Lindner and Nasheet Waits @ Rose

Stopped by from Rose on my way home to check out their newest residency band – Avishai Cohen. Found myself another favorite drummer – Nasheet Waits. And Jason Lindner was on keys – I can’t believe I didn’t like him when he played with Mark Guiliana the other time… He was amazing. One adjective that might not yet be overused in the blog – that was superb 😀 They were so good with letting spaces and silence really touch the listener… Incredibly beautiful trio playing (without a bass).

Had a great time going to a reggae bar with them later on. Didn’t even know there was one so near by.

I’ve been thinking to move to a cheaper neighborhood, but seems like I can’t really do that – it’s good to live so close to where Mark Guiliana plays regularly. And now this 😀

Bembe- South 6th @ Berry St

Neighborhood hang - Bembe (South 6th @ Berry St)

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September 9, 2009 at 12:30 pm