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First week @ New Languages Festival

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Brandon Ross Trio

Brandon Ross Trio

I actually went there all three days of the first week – Thursday to Saturday. Didn’t hear all the bands though. So yeah, most of what I heard was really out stuff. I guess that kind of music requires a lot of attention to get into. So it’s not really about relaxing after a day at work I guess :D. But that kind of festival is really special for the New York experimental scene I think. Anyway, I liked Bill McHenry Quintet with Andrew D’Angelo (a really unmistakable burning sax player), Duane Eubanks. There was supposed to be Ben Street playing, but he had a substitute for the night. And another band that was really interesting – Brandon Ross’s natural name trio. I heard they were initially invited to play @ Viljandi Guitar Festival in Estonia. I think this band wouldn’t have been the crowd pleaser there, though. Ben Gerstein’s the Gates with two drum sets (Dan Weiss and Tommy Crane), two keyboards (Jacob Sacks and Craig Taborn) and two basses  (Thomas Morgan and Eivind Opsvik) on Friday was also interesting. Never heard that kind of line-up.

Bill McHenry Quintet

Bill McHenry Quintet

Written by Ines

September 21, 2009 at 12:37 pm

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