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An Evening with Sussan Deyhim @ Le Poisson Rouge

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Evening with Sussan Deyhim @ Le Poisson Rouge

Evening with Sussan Deyhim @ Le Poisson Rouge

Doors were supposed to open  @ 11 and the show was to start at 1130, but for some reason, they opened doors at 12 the concert starting just 10 minutes after. Which was good for me – I was right on time, meeting my role-model for the second time  for more music and a couple of drinks 🙂

An Evening with Sussan Deyhim w/ Richard Horowitz, Karsh Kale, Alan Kushan, Hernan Romero (acoustic guitar), Eve Ensler, DJ Payam, special guests , Babak Khiavchi , Hassan Hakmoun and Salman Ahmad. Well that was something! Sussan Deyhim has the most expressive voice, it was incredible. Great musicians, and very touching music. But the night involved a lot of guest artists giving long political talks about Iran (in the middle of the concert), which kind of killed the energy of the show itself.  Playwright and women’s rights activist Eve Ensler‘s  (apparently the author of the Vagina monologues as well) performance was quite interesting, though.  Never seen that kind of thing actually.


Eve Ensler guest performance

Another interesting part of the night was when a Iranian indie-rock band took the stage as guest artists. Sounded like Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave at times 😀 Was cool to see how Sussan joined them for one of their songs. Sussan seems to be able to sing anything, she’s so expressive it gave me the creeps at times. It made me think that there seems to be so much less real passion in most Western music. I’m glad I heard that show. Was definitely very different from the regular stuff that I’ve been seeing.

Iranian indie rock

Iranian indie rock

I thought he looked like a Iranian superstar

Looking cool with those glasses 😀


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