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Estonia in four days

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Business models

Developing business models in Pärnu

Came back to Estonia for a few weeks now… Been all over it in just four days –  a management conference in Pärnu, a hip play in Viljandi,  a Mozart opera in Tallinn, and now just hanging in Tartu, the city where I’m from :D. Drinking tea and listening to smooth jazz with my PhD brother – from an amp he built himself:) Sounds great!

Well but, first visited the seaside summer capital town Pärnu (not so much going on in the winter season) – by a funny chance happened to take part in a management conference @ Strand hotel. Heard the current prime minister Andrus Ansip and a former prime minister Mart Laar give a long talk about team work and all those good things about politics 😉 Or actually, what did they say, really? What did they say, I can’t remember so well. They sounded pretty smart, though. But then a Swiss lecturer Alex Osterwalder on developing business models. That was interesting – is about time to start developing some business models now! I drank so much of that strong (free) fresh coffee during the breaks that I thought I was going to faint.

Then saw the sold-out play (by the Swedish playwright Lotta Lotass) Kogujad in Viljandi. It took place in an old plane factory, unheated and dirty, I never even know there was such building in the area. Was a great spot for some serious art, though. Felt kind of grim. They have a blog about it, too.


Kogujad in Viljandi

And then the premiere of Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte in Tallinn, in the Estonia National Opera. Directed by Walter Sutcliffe (UK). That was really good, actually, I enjoyed it a lot 😀 And real cheap for a good opera, I guess. We bought bottles of champagne on the break and since there wasn’t enough time to finish them at the cafe, we took them in. 🙂 That was nice.

Cosi fan tutte

Cosi fan tutte in Tallinn

But otherwise, I’m a bit dissappointed. Generally it’s not even that much cheaper than New York these days. Beer and coffee is the same. Wine by glass is a bit cheaper, I guess. But  most of all – the weather here is just TERRIBLE… My conclusion is, for now, don’t want to live here. Maybe just come hang in the summer. Well, but after saying that, to be fair, I definitely feel so very Estonian 😀


Autumn leaves