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Jason Carter @ Calvary-St. George's Church

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Jason Carter's harp guitar @ Calvary Church, New York

Jason Carter's harp guitar @ Calvary Church, NYC

A friend of mine, British guitar player Jason Carter who I met 5 years ago @ his workshop in Viljandi – now had a gig in New York. I still remembered some of the songs from last time :D. Was beautiful. JC is an interesting world music acoustic guitar player, having traveled the world with his guitar and drawn from lots of influences – Classical, Arabic, Middle Eastern, Indian, flamenco… And after having lived in Finland for 7 years (I think he has even developed a hint of the Finnish accent there) he has some Nordic silence in his playing, too :D. The only tune he did in stardard tuning, Somewhere Over the Rainbow was really beautiful – he had actually heard Keith Jarrett’s version of it in Hong Kong!  Played a lot of harp guitar this time, some stuff with a bow as well.  I just heard he did a tour in Estonia this summer, playing 20 concerts in 18 days and was a huge success… 😀 The church –  Calvary St. George’s Church on Park Avenue South (@ 21st St) was nice, offered tea and cookies after the concert. They said they have beautiful ceremonies on Sundays @ 6 o’clock featuring inspiring thoughts and beautiful music.

Written by Ines

November 5, 2009 at 3:29 pm

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