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Monday Night Soul Session @ Rose, Williamsburg and the G-train Rock Experience

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There is a number of places for no cover live music on a Monday night out in Williamsburg. Spike Hill is often a good one, with their jazz night, featuring at least 3 groups every Monday. Zebulon can be a nice hang too, last night there was a singer-songwriter/double bass duo playing. Sounded quite dark 🙂

But the winner last night, at least for the atmosphere was Rose Live Music on Grand St – with their Monday night Soul Sessions led by guitarist Chauncey Yearwood. 2 pretty happening soul singers were sitting in –  sounding kind of like Jill Scott and Erykah Badu 😀 (a very small exaggeration, perhaps). Did some on-the-spot improvisation on the topic of – Life… and classic covers like Etta James’s I’d Rather Go Blind. That was deep. And fun at the same time 😀

Rock in the Subway

And then the way back home – with the G train – the GHOST train. It was hilarious how peoples had just settled for a hang in the station to pass all that time. When I got there it already looked like they had waited for ever and were prepared to wait for ever more. Then, I had such a great live music experience right there – with those kids playing on the platform – completely rocking away. The guy with the most miniature amp (what a funky sound he got out of it!) sounded like Guns’n’Roses or something. And not only were they so beautifully, musically out of tune ( I didn’t even know that 2 out of tune guitars and a banjo could actually sound good), everybody was going for it in their own key. But the feeling was just exceptional, it worked really well. I hope they will get a gig soon.

Written by Ines

November 17, 2009 at 10:13 am

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