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Lucid Absinthe @ Littlefield, Gowanus. Mike Baggetta Group @ Tea Lounge

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There was live music @ Littlefield -- Elk City

Well, drinking absinthe makes me feel young –  like I was back in the old days in Tartu when I was like 16 and having my wildest times ever – and was so much into absinthe that my classmates started to call me Absinthe-Ines. That was hilarious. I actually believed in the whole Dancing with the green fairy thing. I mean, there IS something about absinthe…  But now I find the beverage quite hard to drink . I used to have it with burning sugar – and that is the original way, I believe. But here they had this cocktail with Cointreau and ginger ale or smth. The brand was pretty good, i guess. Managed 2 in the open bar event @ Littlefield, (622 Degraw) Gowanus, Brooklyn.

Mike Baggetta Group

But then Tea Lounge – Mike Baggetta (guitar), Jason Rigby (sax- the guy from HEERNT!!!), Eivind Opsvik (double bass), George Schuller (drums). I found the sidemen for this gig somehow more intriguing than the leader, as players. But the music was pretty deep. I guess having  E. Opsvik in the band already makes the music sound kind of deep. 😀 Or it was the green fairy working on me… 😀