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Skinny Fridays & Jeff Taylor Group @ Rockwood

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Skinny Fridays

Had a really authentic Lower East Side night – first got a few free drinks from the SKINnY bar & lounge (174 Orchard St) while they were having another open bar event –  just a block from Rockwood . Never really been hanging out in one of those places for the real American young people crowd in the Lower East Side 😀 Was a great spot for people-watching. I enjoyed it a lot. They even had go-go dancers and all.

Jeff Taylor Group @ Rockwood

&Rockwood @ midnight – Jeff Taylor Group. The reason I went there was Mark Guiliana on the drums 😀 Was amazing. Especially as a live show –  on a CD the music would be too indie rock for me, I think. (they were selling CDs for $5 too- the song It Swell on it really sounds like a hit 😉 with really bold lyrics if i get it right… and Blue Bucket is kind of funny- has the melody from I Hear a Rhapsody used in the bridge :)).  I was thinking if rock was always that good, maybe I wouldn’t even listen to jazz. But the secret of the band is Mark Guiliana on the drums, I think. Mike Severson played the bass and then there was Steve Wall, I believe –  guy who did backing vocals, keyboard, effects, killer funky rhythm guitar. Jeff Taylor on vocals and guitar (and some piano) seems to be one of those multi-talented ones. Rockwood was packed – and everybody I talked to were fans of either Jeff Taylor or Mark Guiliana. I don’t see why would anybody even want to go for those over-hyped rockstar groups when there is stuff like that, GREAT musicians playing such rocking super funky shows in authentic places – for no cover. Yeah, but I guess to find things like that is the privilege of being in New York. Read the rest of this entry »

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November 21, 2009 at 9:52 am