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Orrin Evans Quintet featuring Jeff "Tain" Watts @ the Jazz Gallery

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😀 Jazz Gallery art

I just really wanted to hear Jeff “Tain” Watts… –  guess I wasn’t the only one – the 1st set was actually sold out! That doesn’t happen too often. So after a lot of waiting around (thank god i had company), got to hear the second set. Orrin Evans (piano), Ben Wolfe (bass), Steve Wilson (alto, soprano), Jeff “Tain” Watts (drums). And then there was that guy on tenor, who actually wasn’t listed to be in the group, played a lot of clichés!. Roy Hargrove sat in for the last tune – that was cool 😀

It was definitely great to hear Jeff “Tain” Watts, but to be honest, other than that I had really mixed feelings about the whole concert. I’ve heard Orrin Evans once as a sideman (with Sean Jones) and he was killing. But with his own group I thought the music wasn’t that great and some of the things seemed really random. Already how they started the evening by making people watch a DVD concert (filmed in an empty parking lot with Orrin Evans’s band playing the national anthem – what was up with that and ??)  felt kind of suspicious to me. So yeah, all things considered I was thinking I should maybe have gone to Cornelia St instead, to hear Ellery Eskelin with John Hebert, Mary Halvorson and Tyshawn Sorey. People just turn into such snobs in New York when it comes to jazz… 😀

Orrin Evans with Jeff "Tain" Watts @ the Jazz Gallery

Written by Ines

November 22, 2009 at 4:43 pm

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  1. […] the second one! Jeff “Tain” Watts sounded supernatural… I think what I heard at the Jazz Gallery recently didn’t really count compared to this. Zinc bar was quite packed for the first set […]

  2. Thanks for your comments although I wonder what you play and if you’re even a musician. I mentioned the AMAZING tenor players name and I’m not sure why you didn’t hear it….RALPH BOWEN!!!! Either way thanks for your support and I’m sorry to hear that all you wanted to hear was Jeff….(you missed out on some great music but closing your ears before you even walked in the door). By the way I’ve been a leader for almost 20 years and I have 14 records out as a leader. I was hear before I played with Sean Jones.

    Orrin Evans

    February 5, 2010 at 8:46 pm

    • Hey Orrin, I guess i have a specific taste and things that I’m specifically looking for in music, really didn’t mean anything bad, of course, but the whole point of the blog is that I’m honest with my opinions. Guess I’m sort of a snob anyway, at the same time still learning about music, so I’m pretty sure sometimes I just don’t know how to appreciate certain things… And with live shows its always about the mood and expectations you bring along yourself so it can never be really fair or objective. My musings here are more like a casual thing anyway, trying to collect some of my impressions and share memories and what I’ve found. I do play a little myself, but of course not in the level that I’ve criticized here so… You win anyway.
      Hope to catch you at a concert again sometime 😀
      All the best!


      February 6, 2010 at 7:44 am

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