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Jason Lindner’s Now vs Now album release party @ Drom

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Now vs Now @ Drom

One of my favorite bands… 😀 Jason Lindner (keys), Panagiotis Andreou (bass, vocals) and Mark Guiliana (drums). I was so excited about the album release party – Now vs Now  with guests such as Avishai Cohen (trumpet), Anat Cohen (tenor), John Beaty (alto),  Jeff Taylor (vocals). And a string quartet.

There is something really special about this band – they actually sound hip in a really optimistic, energetic, fresh way – somehow giving a feeling that the good times are coming now…

Atmosphere @ the release was great. Lots of people, digging on the music. I wasn’t that much into the opening act though – Brazz Tree. But Now vs Now show was great – I’m loving the music and the band and the concept. The videoscreen and all those guest artists were amazing. But i’ve gotten a little spoiled hearing them at those small intimate places like Rose and Rockwood – I think there the live energy can get to be even more up.

As one of those Facebook people who actually reads the event listings (sometimes), I noticed that First 3 people to name the rapper on our CD get a free one. Whisper it to the person at the merch table. Well I was definitely the first one to go for that. Answer, of course, being Baba Israel 😉

Now I’m listening to the CD – has Meshell Ndegeocello and Kurt Rosenwinkel on it, among others! I’m loving the rapper as well… 😀

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