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Maria Schneider Orchestra @ Jazz Standard

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Maria Schneider Orchestra @ the Jazz Standard

Heard two sets –  and sat so close to the band for the first one that I could actually see Ben Monder’s sheet music and all the voicings. That was so cool :D. The music was great, some really happening solos by Ben Monder, Donny McCaslin and Ingrid Jensen. This has been their regular Thanksgiving week @ Jazz Standard (for 6 years i think) – totally sold out. It was so great to be Ben Monder’s guest for that one 😀

And later on went to 55 Bar & Fat Cat with David Binney. Heard Chris Ward, one of those cats living in the famous Cortelyou Rd house of jazz, sit in with the jam session. And then i met a really attractive girl and we exchanged numbers. What a great night! 😀

Chris Ward @ Fat Cat jam session

Fat Cat jam session

Written by Ines

November 26, 2009 at 5:42 pm

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  1. Avastasin olümpsi tagant mingi väga vinge valikuga pillipoe. Minu mure peale, et kas viiulikastist saaks sisu välja võtta (et sinna püssi mahutada) andis poepidaja mulle lahkelt mingi telefoni -et seal on mees, kes teeb ise vajaliku koti valmis.

    See number on mul nüüd nagu mingi plaan B. Te ju mõistate -ma ei soovi tänaval liigselt silma paista -ja pillikotiga ei paistagi. Kõik arvavad, et käin Otsa koolis, kuigi ma ei taipa pillidest ja muusikast mitte mõmmigi.

    Sellega on sama asi nagu kunagi autoasjandusega. Tarvitseb vaid ära õppida paar tüüplauset nagu: “kas kolvirõngastega on kõik korras? Kuidas sissepritse töötab? kas õlifiltrid on vahetatud?” ja kõik arvavad, et oled vinge autoasjatundja ning hakkavad pajatama pikki lugusid oma autodest. kuigi sa pole elu sees isegi juhiistmel istunud.


    November 27, 2009 at 3:48 pm

  2. I got to see one of these great Thanksgiving week sets too! I came in by myself and was thrilled when the waiter seated me right next to Maria! Would have been the best seat in the house, if only the conductor wasn’t blocking my view! Just kidding, it was great to be close enough to her to read her vibe, what a warm person. As close as I’ve been to a “fanboy” experience as I’ve had in a long time, anyway.

    I remember a blazing trombone solo and a really lovely piano/bass duo feature.

    Matt Carlson

    December 31, 2009 at 9:00 am

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