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Ben Monder @ Royale and free Bombay Sapphire @ Deity Underground

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Ben Monder with Gary Wang and Diego Voglino

Ben Monder with Gary Wang and Diego Voglino and an unknown (to me) sax player playing the opening set 😀 Was really killing. Ben Monder is one of those few guitar players who is still full of surprises even after hearing him so many times. It even gets more fascinating. And Gary Wang on bass is just so incredibly melodic, really enjoyable to listen. They seem to be great partners with Ben Monder. Yeah, Diego Voglino’s jam session is really cool.

I actually escaped the jam session part – went to this place called Deity on Atlantic Ave and drank some Bombay Sapphire gin. I love those open bars – free drinks and great loud party music – bound to put you in a great mood. But gin itself is kind of bad. I couldn’t even finish two.

I thought these guys would look good on the picture

I’m wondering what’s been going on lately with my public transport luck – somehow I never wait for trains and buses anymore. They just arrive almost by second. Must be aligned with the stars or something. It worked even with B63 bus to Atlantic Ave, both ways. I did have time to meet a cool guy reading Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle in the bus stop . I was just reading that one in the summer 😀 Coincidences everywhere.

And more of that mysterious timing – got back to Royale exactly when the house band started the last set 😀 They totally broke my heart with Embraceable You, haven’t heard something as beautiful in a long time.

So far, in my search of what to drink besides beer or expensive wine and cocktails, I’ve so far found two pretty good options: hot cider (also good with rum) and whiskey, straight up.

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December 2, 2009 at 6:54 pm