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Jazz Gallery Members' Holiday Party

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Vijay Iyer, Ravi Coltrane, Marcus Gilmore

Because Jazz Gallery is so cool! And they were having a holiday party. Lots of famous jazz musicians hanging out 😀 – was a little bit like a test of how many NY jazz musicians does one know by face. A members-only free event with food and wine (haha, ironically, me @ an open bar, again). And GREAT live music – Vijay Iyer on piano, Ravi Coltrane on tenor and Marcus Gilmore on drums. Very cool stuff. Savory postmodern deepness. The only thing that made it a bit tiring to listen were the low registers – since there was no bass, there was a lot of bass drum and piano down there and i found it a bit hard to listen out for. Otherwise, for some reason I really like bassless trios- opens up another kind of space. But I guess it’s a bit tricky with acoustic piano. Vijay Iyer is so cool though. Totally loved it.

Weird, lately everywhere I go I end up being close to kids or cats – and I’ve got mixed feelings about both of them, especially if i’m falling into all that postmodern deepness 😀 Yeah, so I was thinking what were all those kids doing at the Jazz Gallery, but it turned out they were all family. Cool. A real Christmas party 😀

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