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Monk in Motion: Matt Brewer @ Tribeca Performing Arts Center

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Aaron Parks, Matt Brewer, Tommy Crane, Ila Cantor, Steve Cardenas

Monk in Motion: The Next Face of Jazz series presents Matt Brewer @ Tribeca Performing Arts Center. With Aaron Parks (piano), Ila Cantor (guitar), Steve Cardenas (guitar), Tommy Crane (drums). What really drew me there was Aaron Parks on piano – just haven’t noticed him around in the city so much recently, so that was a cool find. He played actually really simply, but everything was just so right. Really like how he sounds. And the music, mostly by Matt Brewer, was good too. No fancy stuff, but because the band shared a common understanding of space, the outcome was very musical, in an elegant but casual way. And Tommy Crane was amazing. Played a really minimal set but so effectively :D. I really enjoyed it, was worth going out there, even being a bit sick, as I am now (so very compulsive of me, to even go). So yeah, I’ve heard all of those Monk Competition finalists this year and my favorite one was definitely Matt Brewer. Tribeca Performing Arts Center has great sound for that kind of things. And I was comped in. With an extra ticket. Someone should have joined me for this one. 😀