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Ian Rapien's Master's Senior Recital @ NYU Steinhardt and a quick visit to Downtown Music Gallery

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Ian Rapien's Group @ NYU Steinhardt, room 779

I was really curious what that kind of event would look like – an NYU jazz student, tenor saxophone player doing his graduate recital. Unfortunately there weren’t that many people attending. Even no board to give a grade – I wonder how that works. But I thought the recital was very cool. Ian’s own music performed by a really good band, they had a nice vibe going on (heard some of it @ Spike Hill in the summer as well). Yeah. He’s most probably going to get an “A”, what else. Maybe the faculty didn’t even bother coming out to listen :D. I discovered Ian also has a nice website. Very cool. Positive stuff, I think. I really respect these young New York jazz cats, because I’ve seen how much work it takes to get all this together here. And it isn’t just talk that the city is a rough place for making any kind of career, let alone in jazz. Even though it’s a lot of fun, too, I can imagine. So it’s great there are so many young players going for it with such dedication. And where else but New York, this is one of the few places that actually has a real jazz scene. So yeah, I’ve come to understand that it takes a lot of courage (besides a lot of hard work and talent) to be a jazz musician in New York these days – but since the main reward is all this great music it really got to be worth it?

Downtown Music Gallery - Sami Linna @ Mikko Innanen's gig

Anyway, I had to split a little early to go to Downtown Music Gallery and catch Mikko Innanen’s trio – a gig marked with a star in All About Jazz NY listings (even though sometimes their ratings really don’t make any sense for me). I guess it was a record number of people attending a show @ Downtown Music Gallery :D. I just heard the very very very end of it, though, so I can’t really say anything about the music. Sounded like a wild show. And the place is cool – such an incredible stylish jazz hole in the middle of nowhere, Chinatown. I saw quite a few Finns there, including guitar player Sami Linna. Yeee. I like Finns. The accent is so endearing 😀 Makes me feel like home.

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  1. Hi Ines! Thanks for coming to the show! I wasn’t aware of this page of yours- really really cool. I’ll make sure to keep checking up!

    Ian Rapien

    January 25, 2010 at 4:27 am

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