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Avishai Cohen, Omer Avital & Nasheet Waits @ Rose Live Music

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Woody'n You

The same band as in 55 Bar about a week ago. I’d say @ Rose they were a lot more mellow with the playing, was definitely more on fire the other time. But what a beautiful trio. I really like them. Played mostly Avishai’s tunes, but also Dizzy’s Woody’n You (a tenor player sitting in) and Monk’s I Mean You.  Looking forward to hearing their recording 🙂 Yeah. It’s weird. I feel like now that the season has changed it takes so much more determination to go out for music, especially if it’s somewhere that’s a bit more far away. I’ve heard it gets a lot more boring at certain months because people just rather stay in. There’s still so much cool stuff going on now, but even I am

Omer Avital & Nasheet Waits

getting kind of reluctant to go out just out of curiosity. So something better be really good, either the music, the hang or the drinks 😀 And since I’m taking antibiotics, the drinks are out for a while, anyway. But yeah, the weather is getting kind of nasty here now. (In Estonia it’s -15 degrees C though. I wonder which one is worse…)

But this is one of those bands I’d go out for, no matter the weather 😀

Not going to miss any of Nasheet Waits’ gigs in NY. I’m so obsessed. Keep watching this video.

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December 16, 2009 at 7:43 pm

Claudia Quintet @ Douglass Street Music Collective

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Claudia Quintet @ Douglass Street Music Collective

With Chris Speed (clarinet & sax), John Hollenbeck (drums & compositions), Ted Reichman (accordion), Drew Gress (bass), Matt Moran (vibes), special guest Gary Versace on piano. The place was really packed, lot of people standing…  Well, honestly, it definitely wasn’t a bad show, but somehow it really didn’t fascinate me so much – i think it sounded more promising on their myspace (and all those great reviews they’ve gotten). It also felt like they were holding back a lot, keeping it from going where it could go. As a friend of mine said, I like what they’re trying to do more than what it actually is. Maybe it was that particular show and them having new- underrehearsed- material. It got a little more interesting after the first couple of tunes, but in general I mostly stayed because they made me donate $10 for it. Surprisingly, i thought the room’s sound quality wasn’t that great, so not crazy about the venue either. Didn’t feel like a cool place to me. Drew Gress was amazing, though. Yeah, I’m a bit embarrassed to be such a snob with live music here, but I just want to get high on it, guess I’ve developed an addiction of a sort…

The last couple of posts came with an unusual delay – because I’ve been sick lately. So sick that on Monday night I actually missed Ben Perowsky’s Moodswing Orchesta @ Rose. Feel really really sorry for that one…