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Lee Konitz/Mark Turner Quintet @ the Iridium

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Ethan Iverson, Ben Street, Lee Konitz, Albert "Tootie" Heath, Mark Turner @ the Iridium

With Lee Konitz (alto), Mark Turner (tenor), Ethan Iverson (piano), Ben Street (bass) and Albert ‘Tootie’ Heath (drums). They played All of Me, Invitation, a really beautiful, beautiful version of What’s New, All the Things You Are and a very hip arrangement of Gershwin’s Strike Up the Band. They played about an hour, which went by all too fast because the music was so good… Really nice arrangements, tasteful playing and amazing synergy. I enjoyed it a lot. With that kind of drums and bass together you almost don’t need anything else – I was totally blown away by Ben Street, once again. And Albert “Tootie” Heath, another one of those incredible American drummers. Yeah, I really liked everyone in the band, was an awesome jazz night. Found out an interesting fact about Lee Konitz & New York jazz – Lee Konitz is the only still active musician to have played all three ever existing Birdland clubs in New York City.

But Iridium, the club, in general, seems to be a bit overpriced in my opinion – they charge $35 for the cover and the drinks are outrageously expensive (with $11 for the cheapest glass of wine). I guess it’s the location, being so close to Times Square, the rent over there must be crazy. But still, I was shocked. and really happy that I wasn’t paying. The show wasn’t very packed, for a Friday night and the place looked not so well kept, compared to, for example, Birdland. Otherwise I rather like the club. Another good thing about Iridium though – they give 50% off the cover charge for students for all the 2nd sets, every night. That’s nice. I also discovered that their Iridium lager is the closest thing to Estonian (Saku) beer that I’ve yet found in New York. Not that I’d necessarily prefer that one, but, is good to know, I guess.

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December 19, 2009 at 1:49 am