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Emma Larsson Quartet @ Miles´Cafe

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Emma Larsson Quartet @ Miles' Café

This new jazz place – Miles’ Café on 53rd St & 3rd Ave. They seemed to have a pretty interesting way of doing business – no alcoholic drinks, and a $7 minimum. They said they would get their liqueur licence by July 20th, though. And I loved their green tea ice cream! Shirley Temple, the $7 non-alcoholic cocktail tasted like just a Fanta, though. And I think they should do something about the sound in the room, at this point it doesn’t really live up to the New York standard. I wondered if there was a working elevator or were people actually supposed to take all those flights of stairs to 3rd floor, as we did (following the signs on the wall).

Went to hear the Swedish jazz singer Emma Larsson and her quartet. Was a really nice choice of tunes (mostly originals), but I thought the band didn’t seem to follow the leader’s vision enough. Emma Larsson (vo), Benito Gonzalez(p), Yoshi Waki(b), Andrew Atkinson(dr).

Written by Ines

July 20, 2010 at 12:23 pm

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