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Jim Campilongo Trio feat Nels Cline @ the Living Room

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Jim Campilongo trio feat Nels Cline

Cool regular Mondays gig @ The Living Room, Lower East Side – Jim Campilongo trio (with Stephan Crump on bass and Tony Mason on drums). Would definitely interest all the guitar buffs, just to see how to handle a Tele. I’m not sure how one should take the esthetics of all this but generally, the show was really spectacular. And Nels Cline actually joined them on stage that night for some really incredible guitar artistry. I liked the bass player, Stephan Crump – contributed a lot for the whole thing.
For some reason I really wish I could take my mother to see this one, I think she would like the vibe of that thing. Was a great night there, just a bit sorry I missed Tony Scherr playing earlier that night…

Written by Ines

July 20, 2010 at 2:24 pm

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