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Mark Guiliana’s BEAT Music @ the Jazz Gallery

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Mark Guiliana's BEAT music, formerly known as Mark Guiliana's Thing

I like to see all Mark Guiliana’s gigs whenever I’m in town, so I had this one marked in my calendar quite a while ago. It got pretty crowded this time, maybe because it was also highlighted in Time Out NY and other such publications this time and I’m very sure that Mark’s fan base is growing fast, anyway. Mark Guiliana on drums, Jason Lindner on keyboards, Jason Fratticelli on bass, Mike Severson on guitar. The first set was seemingly more prepared and the second one more experimental, like it often is @ Rose (where I’ve heard Mark has play with this group quite a lot). The experimental direction requires a relaxed and unhurried atmosphere, I guess, for which is Rose is quite perfect, actually. Despite how cozy Jazz Gallery is, it feels a bit more official. There was definitely a need for ear plugs sitting in the 3rd row, which isn’t that common at the Jazz Gallery. Mike Severson really nailed some seemingly easy guitar parts, I think it’s not so common to make rock guitar actually sound that deep. Jason Fratticelli, who played electric and acoustic bass was really a pleasure to listen to, such a musical bass player, really went into the music. I thought that Jason Lindner wasn’t as inspired as the other couple of times when I’ve heard him with this project. Mark Guiliana added quite a lot of recorded speech and effects from the computer to the music (I wonder if it’s a trend for drummers, since recently I heard Kendrick Scott use Bruce Lee’s Be Water talk for one of his tunes). It crazy how good the coordination must be if he can just keep playing with the knobs and switches and keep up such groove while doing it. I’m still a huge fan of Mark Guiliana’s drumming, I don’t think anyone would be able to copy what he does, really.

Was nice to be back at the Jazz Gallery. They seem to have a new ticket policy – it’s $20 for non members (used to be $10-15). But it’s all for a good cause, definitely.

Written by Ines

August 7, 2010 at 4:40 pm

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