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Fridays @ Brooklyn Brewery

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Every Friday @ 6PM the Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg (North 11th St between Berry and Whythe) opens a room in the factory for the public and brings their latest drafts to the people for a big beer party. I tried  5 of them – (in the order of my least favorite to the best) Brooklyn Weisse, Summer beer, Brooklyn Pennant, Brewmasters special Blast and their flagship beer Brooklyn Lager. Their best selling beer is a success for a reason… The others ones were nice as well, only the white beer doesn’t seem to be their thing that much, I thought it tasted a bit boring.

It’s  really LOUD and crowded @ the happy hour – very lucky thing if one scores a seat and a table there. Most people come with their crowd, order delivery and drink be merry all night. At first it may be hard to get in the mood, but it is actually a very nice and lively hang there.

Vintage beers list

Not far from the Brewery (on Bedford) is a place called Mugs Ale House with a great selection of bottled and draft beer and some decent hamburgers (such as the Willamsburger). Pretty interesting was the selection of vintage beers, I wonder if in Williamsburg they just love everything vintage  (but do beers get better over time?) To my surprise I noticed A Le Coq 2005 beer on the menu, for $20!

Written by Ines

September 4, 2010 at 1:46 pm

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