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Marcus Miller Tutu revisited @ Nokia Concert Hall, Tallinn

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Marcus Miller in Tallinn


Going to hear a Miles Davis album revisited, without Miles, wouldn’t seem like such a great idea anyway, but I got curious, because in this case, for Tutu, Marcus Miller was kind of relevant. And at first I got the impression Christian Scott would be on trumpet (which unfortunately wasn’t the case after all, it was Sean Jones). I thought it didn’t by far have the energy levels, taste or nuance that the original album has, or the live shows with Miles. But people seemed to enjoy that a lot, nevertheless. In Estonia, one shouldn’t be too critical of the jazz offerings.  Even though, I find the situation quite depressing. As a bass player Marcus Miller  is spectacular, of course. But as a whole thing,  it was kind of boring and a lot of it felt random, for example the bass clarinet playing by Marcus Miller, rather corny In a Sentimental Mood, and jokes around the Nokia melody. But what bothered me most was that they didn’t seem to give their best to it (which is probably because they’re on such a long tour, and they’re humans after all). But that makes me even more sorry to be in the Estonian audience. Well, and I’m a snob! Didn’t please me!

Written by Ines

October 19, 2010 at 3:41 am

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