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Tuesday at The Fifth Estate

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Kyle Nasser Group @ the Fifth Estate

The Fifth Estate’s jazz Tuesdays seem to be quite a worthy tradition in the Brooklyn jazz scene. For a couple of months now they’ve also had the early set from 7-9:30, by Kyle Nasser Group. I did some pre-listening in their Myspace and thought they’d be worth checking out as well.

So I heard the second set, consisting of: Speak Low, a fresh sounding original tune (by the guitar player in the group, unfortunately I didn’t catch his name), then a tune that I didn’t recognize, a version of Nefertiti with some really beautiful moments, and I Remember You. 

Some of the tunes had a nice fresh energy in them, which I really enjoyed. The guitar player in the group seemed also interesting, played with a lot of energy (which I think is actually quite rare…) although he was relying on Kurt Rosenwinkel’s influence quite a bit which I think is not such an original thing to copy nowadays. I wish I’d find someone successfully copying Grant Green from somewhere…

Donny McCaslin, Diego Voglino, Linda Oh and John Chin

Afterwards we heard the set by Diego Voglino (drums) with Donny McCaslin (tenor) , Linda Oh (bass), John Chin (keyboard). They played Milestones (the older one by Miles Davis), Billy Strayhorn’s Isfahan, John Coltrane’s Crescent and Like Sonny and two compositions by John Chin. I really enjoyed Donny McCaslin’s top quality saxophone playing 🙂 Pretty amazing, on this crispy cold New York Tuesday night, in a bar in Brooklyn, to hear such people… It was actually also my first time hearing Linda Oh: I thought she is great, very nice musician, and actually still rather underrated, in my opinion.

Besides the consistently good jazz at Fifth Estate, they  also have Southampton beer on tap! I like! 🙂

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January 4, 2012 at 3:21 am

Landon Knoblock/Phil Doyle Duo @ IBeam

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Landon Knoblock/Phil Doyle Duo @ IBeam

Landon Knoblock/Phil Doyle Duo @ IBeam

The more time I spend in New York, the more outside and crazy stuff I start to enjoy – especially hearing it live. Maybe it will start going backwards at some point 😀 But yeah, that was a really authentic Brooklyn jazz experience, somewhere out there in the corner of Park Slope. It was raining heavily, so when we got there with my 2 Estonian friends (Estonians are taking over the city 😉 ), we were all soaking wet. But yeah, the music was great. Really interesting, imaginative duo, they could be fragile and spacious in one moment and the next moment swinging densely. That was some heavy stuff. Beautiful music on the website, too: I’ve been listening to it for a good hour now.

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September 12, 2009 at 2:51 am

Douglas Bradford Group @ Tea Lounge

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Douglas Bradford Group @ Tea Lounge

Douglas Bradford Group @ Tea Lounge

The hardest days to find concerts to go to for free are Saturdays. But seems like Tea Lounge in Park Slope was a great choice that night. Liked the band a lot – John Beaty – alto, Daniel Foose- bass, James Windsor-Wells- drums, Douglas Bradford- guitar, special guest – Joe Albano on soprano sax. Real nice compositions 🙂