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Ben Monder, Chris Lightcap & Diego Voglino @ the 5th Estate

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Chris Lightcap, Diego Voglino, Ben Monder @ the 5th Estate. Why are the parrots on the wall?

Formerly known as Royale, 506 5th ave. b/x 12th & 13th Brooklyn is now called the 5th Estate – a lot of things have changed but they are still having Diego Voglino’s Tuesday night jam sessions with some really great New York musicians in the opening and closing sets. This time it was Ben Monder and Chris Lightcap, playing standards like  I’m Old Fashioned, This Is New, Embraceable You, Along Came Betty and World of Pain, the CREAM tune in the first set and Long Ago And Far Away, All or Nothing At All and one that I didn’t recognize for the closing set. I still think Ben Monder is one of the most interesting guitar players to listen to! You never really know what will happen next, it truly demonstrates what a limitless land jazz guitar is. And I thought Chris Lightcap sounded really great.

Ben Monder with Chris Lightcap & Ted Poor @ Korzo Konceptions

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Chris Lightcap, Ted Poor, Ben Monder @ Korzo

Well that was something ridiculous, just unbelievable! Ben Monder on guitar, Chris Lightcap – bass, Ted Poor- drums. My New York jazz experience would have been much less without it… They had this totally scary control over the instruments, dynamics, sound and rhythm, and this magical alchemical togetherness as a trio, I was totally tripping into another dimension listening to them. They did Long Ago And Far Away, I’ll Remember April, a Cream song, some Jimmy Webb tunes – but to me it all sounded like Ben Monder’s music. Yeah, amazing what worlds a “jazz guitar” trio can conjure up. Never realized how good Chris Lightcap and Ted Poor were before yesterday. Korzo on Tuesdays is just great! I’m glad I heard this one.

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December 23, 2009 at 2:47 pm

Nir Felder Quartet @ the Stone

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the Stone

the Stone

So I did hear Nir Felder’s music again – really incredible how different it sounds with another lineup: Aaron Goldberg on piano, Chris Lightcap on bass, Jim Black on drums, Nir Felder on guitar.  It was much more organic this time, didn’t find it too complicated at all. These guys have just endless flow of ideas, really enjoyable to listen. Nir Felder doesn’t waste any notes, everything is so well directed and makes a lot of sense – and on top of that has a really great versatile guitar sound. And I’ve been a fan of Aaron Goldberg ever since I got his album Worlds (has been in extremely heavy rotation lately). The concert was a real treat for a jazz fan. Almost a dream lineup for this kind of music, I figure, maybe would be cool to hear the same thing with Mark Guiliana on drums.

Written by Ines

July 9, 2009 at 4:03 pm