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Dave Binney Group @ Solo Kitchen Bar

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Dave Binney Group @ Solo Kitchen Bar

Dave Binney Group @ Solo Kitchen Bar

His regular Tuesday-nights-@55Bar group with Jacob Sacks on keys, Thomas Morgan on bass, Dan Weiss on drums. Somehow it sounded even better @ Solo!  And it was packed. On the way there, on the Q-train, I heard people talking about it, how they were actually making the trip to Cortelyou just for that. So Solo Kitchen Bar is getting really popular, attracting crowds from Manhattan as well now. Maybe it’ll take over the Japanese tourists from the Blue Note some day once people realize how hip the place is😀

That concert was so killin’! That band together, wow, they have obviously played together a lot:). Really great killin’ New York jazz, I enjoyed it so much! And now that Mark Guiliana is out of town for a while, I think Dan Weiss is the perfect drummer to start stalking next😉

Written by Ines

October 12, 2009 at 11:43 am

Dave Binney Quartet @ 55 Bar

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Dave Binney @ 55 Bar

Dave Binney @ 55 Bar

Dave Binney (alto), Craig Taborn (keys), Dan Weiss (drums), Thomas Morgan (bass). I made it to the second set, it was killin’! This is one of New York’s leading jazz bands, I guess, playing regularly @ 55 Bar every other Tuesday. It was quite packed this time. Another great thing about New York –  you can actually fill a venue with people totally digging this modern and advanced jazz :D  And it was really happening there.

Written by Ines

August 26, 2009 at 1:30 pm


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