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Terrell Stafford Sextet: This Side of Strayhorn @ Dizzy’s

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Terrell Stafford Sextet: This Side of Strayhorn

The same lineup as on their last CD This Side Of Strayhorn:  Terell Stafford (trumpet), Tim Warfield (tenor and soprano saxophone), Bruce Barth (piano + he had done all the arrangements), Peter Washington (bass), Dana Hall (drums). +  Joanna Pascale on vocals.

I heard the 11:30 set. They were having a very poorly organized night at Dizzy’s – we got there by 11 PM (when the doors were supposed to open), but albeit having a reservation, everybody still had to stand in line for 45 minutes! The actual set started at midnight and lasted for 60 minutes (rather on the short side for $35, luckily $15 with student discount. Maybe not such an issue for the average Dizzy’s-goer, but I felt cheated, especially when considering the late start, standing in lines and extremely poor service).

They started as a 5tet with a blues from the album called Multicolored Blue. Then vocalist Joanna Pascale joined them for 2 ballads  (didn’t catch the names of the tunes, they weren’t that well known and not included in the album…). Then Blood Count as a 5tet again. Ended with Johnny Come Lately (another tune from the album). What I found strange was how almost all the tunes were ballads, in very difficult slow tempos (even for the listener). And just 5 tunes… The playing itself was high leveled and I liked Bruce Barth’s tasteful arrangements (having space and depth in them).  But the service at Dizzy’s was awful, with everything lagging big time, and didn’t help in setting the mood for this kind of set of music. Strange experience, especially considering that just a couple of days ago everything seemed to be running so smoothly…

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