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Monday Night Soul Session @ Rose, Williamsburg and the G-train Rock Experience

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Soul, R&B, funk, hip-hop, reggae & afrobeat

There is a number of places for no cover live music on a Monday night out in Williamsburg. Spike Hill is often a good one, with their jazz night, featuring at least 3 groups every Monday. Zebulon can be a nice hang too, last night there was a singer-songwriter/double bass duo playing. Sounded quite dark 🙂

But the winner last night, at least for the atmosphere was Rose Live Music on Grand St – with their Monday night Soul Sessions led by guitarist Chauncey Yearwood. 2 pretty happening soul singers were sitting in –  sounding kind of like Jill Scott and Erykah Badu 😀 (a very small exaggeration, perhaps). Did some on-the-spot improvisation on the topic of – Life… and classic covers like Etta James’s I’d Rather Go Blind. That was deep. And fun at the same time 😀

Rock in the Subway

And then the way back home – with the G train – the GHOST train. It was hilarious how peoples had just settled for a hang in the station to pass all that time. When I got there it already looked like they had waited for ever and were prepared to wait for ever more. Then, I had such a great live music experience right there – with those kids playing on the platform – completely rocking away. The guy with the most miniature amp (what a funky sound he got out of it!) sounded like Guns’n’Roses or something. And not only were they so beautifully, musically out of tune ( I didn’t even know that 2 out of tune guitars and a banjo could actually sound good), everybody was going for it in their own key. But the feeling was just exceptional, it worked really well. I hope they will get a gig soon.

Written by Ines

November 17, 2009 at 10:13 am

Monday Night – Village Vanguard Jazz Orchestra

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Vanguard Jazz Orchestra

Vanguard Jazz Orchestra

Weird how most residency bands tend to be the last ones to be checked out – it just feels like there’s no rush, that there is always the next time… So I’ve wanted to go hear the Vanguard Orchestra forever. Finally did it. Great band really. Sure thing when you want to go hear some great writing, arrangements and playing 😀 Was mostly Thad Jones stuff that night. My favorite tune was something arranged by Bob Minzer, I believe. Yeah, I just love the Vanguard. There’s something about it.

Ian Rapien Group @ Spike Hill

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Ian Rapien @ Spike Hill

Ian Rapien Group @ Spike Hill

Monday night @ Spike Hill – heard almost whole set of Ian Rapien (tenor and compositions)  group with Aki Ishiguro on guitar, Nick Anderson on drums, didn’t recognize who was on bass and keys. Was really good! I’ve noticed that Monday nights at Spike Hill at least one of the bands is great – usually the one that plays some interesting original music and not standards. I liked Aki Ishiguro a lot, should go hear him play with his own group 😀

Written by Ines

September 8, 2009 at 12:42 pm