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Donny McCaslin Quartet @ the 55 Bar

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Donny McCaslin, Nate Smith, Fima Ephron, Ben Monder

Donny McCaslin (tenor), Ben Monder (guitar), Fima Ephron (bass), Nate Smith (drums). It was quite packed (I suspect that there was a high concentration of musicians in the audience again). So for the first set, I had to stand at the hallway next to the stage area (from where I actually could peek at the sheet music, pretty great spot, actually). They played original tunes by Donny McCaslin, some of which seemed to be brand new, testing their reading skills somewhat, and also Energy Generation and Perpetual Motion from McCaslin’s latest CD, Perpetual Motion.

The energy of the concert was great, especially in the second set. Ben Monder played some beautiful chords (that only he seems to find on the guitar) and some wild overdriven solos with sound and energy that would put many rock guitarists to shame… But Nate Smith and Fima Ephron were grooving so meaningfully that for me, it was, at times, even a bit difficult to concentrate on everything else that happened musically… Very danceable (never mind the changing time signatures).

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January 13, 2012 at 5:32 pm

Adam Rogers Trio @ 55 Bar

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Adam Rogers trio @ 55 Bar

Adam Rogers (guitar), Fima Ephron (bass), Nate Smith (drums). I heard the first set, even though I missed some of the beginning songs. 55 Bar was pretty packed, people seemed to be digging on it. I mainly went to hear Nate Smith :D, I think he’s such a great grooving drummer. But generally, the band as a whole somehow didn’t sound so balanced to me. The compositions fell a little bit into a similar category. Dice was my favorite of the lot. Adam Rogers has just exceptional technique, I’m sure there’d be no trouble packing the venues with aspiring guitar players even only for that reason. But I thought this wasn’t the perfect situation to enjoy Nate Smith’s drumming. Which was unmistakably spectacular, though.

Written by Ines

July 18, 2010 at 7:54 am

Taylor Haskins & Recombination / John Escreet Project double bill @ Drom

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John Escreet with Dave Binney, Joe Sanders and Nasheet Waits

A Search & Restore event with two really exciting bands! On that snowy Sunday night. I was very glad I made it out there.

First, John Escreet featuring Dave Binney on alto sax, Nasheet Waits on drums and Joe Sanders on bass. I was quite late for it, but what i heard was just incredibly good! Can’t get enough of Nasheet Waits! They were all really killing, totally love that band.

And then – Taylor Haskins & Recombination featuring Ben Monder on guitar, Henry Hey on keys, Todd Sickafoose on bass and Nate Smith on drums and a special guest appearance by Samuel Torres. Great music with a really hot hot luscious groove, I loved it.