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Monday Night Jazz @ Spike Hill: Snafu

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Snafu @ Spike Hill

Snafu @ Spike Hill

Walked by from Spike Hill (Bedford Av at N7th) yesterday and discovered they have a good Monday night jazz program there – the band playing at the moment was called Snafu. The arrangements and compositions were really enjoyable and the lineup sounded kind of fresh –  alto (Loren Stillman), trombone, solidbody electric guitar, a really grooving electric bass, drums. Heard so many great ideas there. The band leader was Tim Ziesmer, the guitar player and composer. You could hear him being a composer in his playing – ideas were so well thought out and cultivated with care.
But New York really seems to need more jazz audiences. So often people don’t  even find their way to all the free shows that are happening all over the city. And these musicians here really care about music and are actually a joy to be heard.
In Estonia, I think many musicians can get away with playing almost anything and still get some recognition. Weird, here so many people play just ridiculously good, go almost unnoticed and hardly make any money at all. Another funny thing is that these musicians here seem to be on a way less of an ego trip as well :D.

Written by Ines

June 30, 2009 at 1:05 pm