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Femi Kuti @ Prospect Park and Vardan Ovsepian with Tim Miller @ 55 Bar

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Prospect Park hang

Prospect Park hang

Went to hear music @ Prospect Park again – this time it was Femi Kuti (and the Positive Force), the saxophone-playing and singing son of the legendary father of afrobeat, Fela Kuti. Warmed up by Melvin Gibbs (bass) with the group Elevated Entity. What a great hang at Prospect park, these days. So much weed in the air 🙂 – summer is here, finally. It was fun to see all those black ladies in bright colorful robes. None of  that in Estonia. There might be jazz, occasionally, but no afrobeat and no black ladies :D.  I liked both bands a lot this time, great vibe. Too bad I didn’t donate at the gate, but hope they’ll keep it great despite of that. 🙂

Afterwards I went to 55 Bar to hear the Armenian piano player Vardan Ovsepian who actually had Tim Miller in the band. They say if you want to fill a house, call in Tim Miller, because all the guitar dorks will show up. I guess it worked. Tim Miller has a great overdrive sound, I can’t believe it comes from the Boss pedal that’s on the stage. That must be a trick to fool the guitar dorks. I liked everything again, but not so much the fact that there were vocals in the band – I just can’t help not being into jazz vocals that much. It’s so rare when that makes anything better. This time maybe flugelhorn would have been the perfect thing instead. Just my taste – I know lots of people only really listen to vocals and take everything else as background music.

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