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Tony Scherr Trio @ Jalopy

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Tony Scherr trio @ Jalopy

Tony Scherr trio @ Jalopy

Have been planning to go for months (ever since I met Tony Scherr @ the Village Vanguard, when he was playing – double bass-  with Bill Frisell trio in May) So now I finally got to go – it was amazing! Tony Scherr, guitar and vocals, Anton Fier on drums, Rob Jost on bass.  That trio is one of the hidden gems in New York music scene, definitely. Something about Tony Scherr’s voice reminded me of Nick Drake, the way it transports you into a whole another intimate universe.  Even though his style is otherwise quite different. And what an incredibly unique guitar player (well, he’s originally known as a bass player)! No fancy scales, I bet he never took a guitar lesson in his life – and he doesn’t really need one!  It was all pure music. I loved it! One of my favorite concerts I’ve heard here so far 😀

Well and it’s pretty much a Monday night regular @ Jalopy – a really nice venue in Red Hook/Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. I wonder if it is as good every time!

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October 6, 2009 at 2:54 am

Bill Frisell @ Village Vanguard and a little tour in the city

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What’s up with the weather here? So cold! Should be almost summer now…

Image094Met a guy, call him P,  at the Atlas internet cafe (Williamsburg) last night and he decided to come with me to the Vanguard to hear Bill Frisell. We had some time to kill before that and took a little tour in the city by car, checking out views over Manhattan from Brooklyn, driving over Williamsburg Bridge and through neigborhoods like East Village, Soho, Little Italy, Chinatown. I’ve been walking so much lately that it felt real good to explore by car for a change. But as always ended up in the West Village, walking on Bleecker St, and 7th Av… Went to hear Bill Frisell play the late set at Village Vanguard – as a Wednesday thing there was some discount for students. I’ve always wanted to hear Bill Frisell live and now I got it 🙂 just letting it ring the Bill Frisell way. Real nice! And there was some classy soloing by Tony Scherr, the legendary bass player who has played with J Scofield, Maria Schneider, W Muthspiel, New York Voices etc 🙂 Got great life advice from him after the concert: “Play what you like” and “Take care of yourself”. Sounds easy. If you play what you don’t like, you’ll end up doing other things you don’t like and that’ll only lead you in the wrong place anyway… Real logical. Try to remember that.

That was my alternative plan for the night, I wonder what I missed this time

That was my alternative plan for the night, I wonder what I missed this time

The guy I was with was kind of interesting at the start and indeed very intelligent, talking smart about anything really. But what is the thing about men when they so often don’t see the difference if someone likes them as a 1) person 2) friend 3) man. It’s not at all the same thing! (Even though I’ve noticed that it might get more confusing when there’s some really good jazz playing involved). After having a couple of beers and wine with him I was quite happy to call it a night. I should try to get home earlier in the future still, staying out until 4 AM is getting tiring! Meeting people in NY is fun though.

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May 14, 2009 at 7:13 pm